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$13 for a Waterproof Touch Screen Smart Sack from Will-Land Outdoors - Tax and Shipping Included ($28 Value)

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  • This dry sack is designed to protect all your mobile electronics and personal essentials.
  • Clear side material allows the interaction of your touchscreen without taking the device physically outside of the pouch.
  • Great gift for the wilderness adventurer in your life!

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  • Includes one Waterproof Touch Screen Smart Sack from Will-Land Outdoors.
  • Unlimited per person and as gifts.
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What You're Getting:

  • $13 for a Waterproof Touch Screen Smart Sack from Will-Land Outdoors ($28 Value)


  • An adjustable strap is conveniently included for easy carrying wherever you go.
  • UTX buckle.
  • Environmentally-friendly TPU coating.
  • Fully waterproof for your personal essentials.
  • iPhone touchscreen works through the clear side.
  • Colour: Red.

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