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$112 for a Zuvo Water Purator V2.5 Counter Top System at Hedonics.com - Shipping and Taxes Included (a $228 Value)

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  • $112 for a Zuvo Water Purator V2.5 Counter Top System at Hedonics.com - Shipping and Taxes Included (a $228 Value)
  • $112 for a Zuvo Water Purator V2.5 Counter Top System at Hedonics.com - Shipping and Taxes Included (a $228 Value)


Uses nature's own cleansing process right in your kitchen.
Have clean and purified water right at home directly from your tap.
Treats non-pathogenic organisms, taste and odour contaminants, reduces aesthetic chlorine, lead, and tiny particulates.
Shipped directly to your door.

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Includes a Zuvo 2.5 countertop water purifying system.
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The next time you're looking to discuss last nights episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians or what little Cindy Smith from down the street may or may not have done at the prom last week, look no further than your own kitchen faucet! Skip the cooler talk and do it yourself with today's TeamBuy: for $112 you get a Zuvo Water Purator V2.5 Counter Top System from Hedonics.com - Shipping and Taxes included (a $228 value).

Combining a five-step purifying process with intricately fabricated filtration hardware, the Zuvo counter-top water purifying system is as functional as it is sophisticated. The Zuvo system comes complete brushed aluminum metal finish, clear UV light water retainer so you can see the filtration process taking place, as well as a hose and adapter/diverter for standard faucets and 6.5 foot AC power cord. The Zuvo system will save you money on your hydro bill, stands out amongst other top named water purification brands, and has received praise from those who have seen the light and installed the trusted Zuvo water filtration systems in their homes. At .06$ per gallon, the Zuvo water purifier is a fraction of the cost of bottled water or pitcher-treated water. Whether you're looking to start the next Aquafina water revolution out of your kitchen home or simply want to ensure that your friends and family are sipping the cleanest agua possible, the Zuvo system makes sense.



"After reviewing many water filtration systems on the market, I decided on the Zuvo product and so glad that I did! The multi step filtration gives me assurance that I am drinking the purest water available. When I received the system, installation was effortless and the system was ready to go! Everything that I read about the product has proven to be true. The water tastes wonderful and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase! I highly recommend the ZUVO system to anyone that appreciates clean, pure water and is looking for a quality water filtration system to provide just that!nnI purchased the Zuvo water filtration unit after extensively researching water filtration. It is simply unparalleled! The design is very elegant and well thought out. Installation was a breeze. Instructions are simple and easy to follow. We are now drinking the BEST tasting, safest water on the planet!"

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