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$29 for a CN Tower Bungee Jump & Buffet Adventure- Free for Kids 3 and Under (up to a $99 Value)

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See breathtaking views from atop the CN Tower, once the largest free-standing building in the world.
Stuff your face with everything including lobster, steak, oatmeal, and fiddleheads.
If you've ever thought about bungee jumping, today's deal is for you!
Get close enough to the ground to see discarded gum, moss in-between interlocking bricks, and baby ant hills.

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Includes a CN Tower bungee jump and buffet adventure.
Kids 3 and under eat and jump for free.
Harness rental not included.
Buffet must be eaten before jump. Only allowed to wait 12 minutes OR LESS between jumping and eating.
Must provide own way up the tower (recommend walking or bouldering. Bouldering?)

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Do you like heights (who doesn't)? Do you like to eat (of course)? Does 1+1=2? Heck yes it does. Well then today's deal is for you: $29 for a CN Tower Bungee Jump & Buffet Adventure- Free for Kids 3 and Under (up to a $99 Value).

Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, today's deal allows adrenaline junkies to put their money and food where their mouths are and soar like an eagle. Find your own way to the top of Toronto's space-scraping CN Tower and experience wind on your face, arms, legs, and other extremities, as you're thrown more than 1,800 feet down towards the ground. Once the largest, free-standing structure in the world, the CN Tower is now one of Canada's most commonly visited attractions by seagulls and tourists, and is referred to by visitors as "Toronto's Eiffel Tower", the "Donut Needle", or a "Shiny, Glassy, Pimped out Piece of Concrete". Also included with today's deal is an all-you-can-eat buffet that must be consumed prior to jumping. Harnesses are not included with today's deal but can be rented for a nominal fee, or, supplied for the literally small fee of your first born child.